Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First Post

Hello and welcome to my first post here on Hey! Fix IT Now! , i started this Blog to answer peoples questions to everyday problems that they have with their computers and hardware. There are big Corporations out there that will support you but they can easily deceive someone who doesn't have the knowledge about Computers , i know this because i work in the It industry and i often here how people forked out unfair amounts of cash to get something as easy as their RAM (Memory) changed , when it is seriously like a 2min job , that's stereotype the industry and say we overcharge for our services as their are jobs which people will do that involve alot of time , planning and co-ordination to solve , also Desktop and hardware support requires alot of knowledge and practical experience to help troubleshoot sometimes those frustrating questions.

I myself work in the IT industry working for a medical imaging Organisation providing first line support for all our staff , who use various types of machines , the PACS imaging archive servers and the uptime of our propritary appoitment system which is constantly upgraded by two fellow collegues and even with that experience behind me i am always reading and learning about old and new technologies that are in place , its almost impossible to keep up with all that is going on in this Industry , so that's why i am trying to bring some of that knowledge to my readers and possibly you can bring some of your knowledge to me :)

Well since this is my first post i thought i would being something interesting to your attention:

currently writing this post i am using "Google Docs" , just like Microsoft Word or similar i can create headings , list points , change the font size and colour, insert tables and pictures and al' that basic stuff that's essential for document writing , it may only be a simple web based application but without having to part with your hard earned cash and install Microsoft's office suite you can create a "Google Account" and get all essentials. A few good points are that they save online as well as to your local hard drive , so if you forgot to take a copy of your document to your meeting or event , all you need is internet access and you can easily get to your hard work. Another great feature is that you can share your document/s with people who you choose and they can either view and comment on the document or you can create a collaborative document where they can edit and add thier own material. it really is quite a handy applications to use and best of all its free.

below: A comparison of Google Docs and Microsoft Office 2007, as you can see Google Docs has all the essientials and even looks less cluttered and not as confusing

i hope you enjoyed my first post and even more interesting (Alot more interesting) things to come on my blog , if you have a problem of your own give me an email at:

and i'll get to them when i can Thanks!

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